just be glad it wasn't you.

i'm going to try one of those stream-of-consciousness blogs.  only really, it's just going to be a play-by-play of the awkward first date currently happening at the table next to me at starbucks.

now he's telling her about how his aunt was in a gang.  she thinks that's colorful.

she's laughing forcedly and dropping the 'SH' word again.

he's telling her about his horrible experience with customer service when he ordered his last pair of dockers.  she just said excitedly, 'what color are they?! tell me about them!!'  (let me remind you, they're dockers.  they're probably some kind of brown color with pant legs, pockets and a zipper.  the end.)

now she's talking about something and he's looking at his phone saying, 'interesting.  interesting.'

i have a feeling this is not going well.

they both keep looking over at me uncomfortably, because i'm somewhat confident they know i'm listening in.  i should probably knock this off and let this date go down in flames in privacy.

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todd said...

you can't comment on society without peeping on society i suppose.

social science. it's a fact?