video vednesday: (crickets chirping)

hey players.  (i actually wanted to say, 'hey playaaaaz,' but i wondered if that sounded like i was trying too hard.  not sure at what, but trying too hard at something.  also, it's a commonly known fact that only d-bags use unnecessary z's when they spell stuff.)

anyway.  it is wednesday.  or, as it is known in the van voorst house, 'vednesday.'  (or, as it is known by the van voorst spawn, 'TRASH TRUCK DAY!')  yes, it is video vednesday and i don't have a video.  which kind of strips me of the authority to use a weird, innappropriate consonant at the beginning of 'vednesday.'  which means it's back to being tired old wednesday, the day of the week where i need a little pick-me-up because life is still horrible and the rest of the week is still stretched out indefinitely before me.  calling it boring, normal old 'wednesday' does nothing for me.

what i'm getting at is this: my bank of sweet vids is all shrivelly and dried up and blowing away in the wind, like i imagine my post-menopausal uterus will be after all of this crazy-go-nuts procreation activity.  i need your help! (with the bank of vids, not the potential uterus thing.)  if you've got any funny videos you think would keep me or anyone else from wanting to die midweek, send them my way!

fine print:

1. i'll give credit where credit is due.
2. i might not use every one sent to me.  (i have discerning taste in crappy memes and homegrown videos.  i'm like the fancy feast cat, where you're all, 'yeah, you think you're discerning, but really, Cat? it's still just cat food that looks like someone ate it before it was offered to you, it's just in a crystal goblet.  you got had.'  wait.  what?  trust me, the metaphor makes sense in my head.)
3. it has to be clean.  and probably has to be funny.
4. if it has hip-hop music so i can drop down and get my crazy on, it's a shoe-in.

thanks for the help, playaaaaz.


todd said...

there are no funny videos left. all videos are not funny anymore.

YAYA said...!

whenjeskasparks said...

la fway fwaaaaayyyy

YAYA said...