easter! easter! read all about it!

easter was the. funnest. ever.

we had a bunch of people over, including some family, friends and a couple people i had never met before in my life.  the wine was brought by a genuine, full-blooded, native-speaking italian, for crying out loud.  it was like a movie.

in all, there were eleven adults plus the v.v. kids.  this photo doesn't even include the card table we added onto the end for more seating.  it was glorious, perfect madness!  i love having people over for big meals - it is seriously one of the best parts of life!  probably because i get to use my garage sale linens, and set out $2 aldi tulips and free lemons as centerpieces, and look like i have things pulled together.  (i don't.)

oh, and here's a later photo of everyone, including me stuffing my face:

the menu:
..cinnamon rolls for breakfast (paula deen's recipe mixed with another recipe that uses ice cream in the caramel sauce.  noodle on that sentence for a second.)

..salt-crusted beef tenderloin with salsa-stuff. (6-star rating from yours truly)

..ham, brought by a friend.

..lemon-dressed potatoes and carrots that i forgot to make, so it got 5 stars for being so easy.

..homemade bread.

..salad, which got one star because no one ate it, and the ones that did forgot to put salad dressing on it, and we have a bunch of leftovers that todd hates because there are (now-slimy) pears inside.  fail.

..cheesy potatoes brought by a friend.  (i'll get the recipe and share it - so yummy!) beans with toasted almonds and dried cranberries, made by my mother dearest.

..homemade chocolate cake with insane ganache.  this cake will make you want to kill people because you're on a sugar high and suddenly paranoid that everyone around you is trying to take your cake.  so eat it at your own risk, but seriously.  SO. GOOD.

..homemade lemonade, red wine, and store brand soda to drink.  class it up.

the fam was looking pretty dapper (at least before penelope got some kind of orange saucey stuff on her sweater and lost her barrette.  it's always something).

and here's a sweet instagram photo taken by my close friend alyssa, who is moving away on friday, to my heart's unending grief:

okay, quick story about my dress, and then i'm done:

i looked EVERYWHERE for a good two weeks before easter to find a decent easter dress.  is that really too much to ask for?  but even the crazy-expensive dresses at places like von maur were just 'meh.'  so by the friday before easter, i had just resolved to wear last year's dress and stop looking for anything new.  AND THEN! AT TARGET! TWO DAYS BEFORE EASTER! FOR DIRT CHEAP!  i found The One, in all its boatnecked, bright-floraled glory.  and also some on-sale shoes.  and also some cute new jewelry.  all for less than half the price of the von maur dresses.  and it was perfectly, perfectly Me. 

and that was our easter!


Anonymous said...

What a good looking family!

whenjeskasparks said...

i am so glad you posted about your dress because you look super awesome in it! it's gorgey. i thought it was one of the new collections at target and sure enough. where would we be without target?

todd said...

1961 jeska.

mommakris38 said...

You had Luca at Easter!!! I bet he brought the wine!!!