that much closer.

i already mentioned this on facebook, but in case everyone's life does not center on my status updates (and instead centers on my blog posts) and you haven't heard, we've had a bunch of stuff fall into place this week for our move.

first, todd got a job offer in the area!  in a fortuitous turn of events, there's one random and huge insurance company about 20 minutes away from cf (not including insurance sales, which isn't what he does, most companies in iowa are based in des moines), so he'll kind of know some of what he's doing from the get-go.  it's a different type of insurance than he currently works in so he'll have some learning to do, but he won't be totally clueless.

second, we got a third offer on our house, which we would have been happy to take if we could, since our standing offer was contingent on some stuff, which just basically means that there was a possibility that they wouldn't actually end up buying our house in the end.  but when we told them about the new offer, they removed their contingencies, so we're moving forward with that.  this whole 'for sale by owner' thing has really opened my eyes to what all goes down in a house deal, and if you're a real estate agent reading this (which you're probably not, because real estate waits for no man. or blog.): WE MISSED YOU.

so.  all that to say, we have a job lined up that starts on april 8.  our house is set to close on june 26.  pieces are falling into place!  we still have to figure out where we're going to live, and how soon we'll be moving.  we can't close on a new house until our closing goes through, so that we have actual american money to pay the sellers instead of promises and leprechaun coins.  people tend not to accept that stuff anymore.  but it would also be nice to not have todd commuting three hours a day between april and the end of june.  so we'll see what happens: if we'll rent something out there in the meantime, or if we can get a house with early occupancy, or what. 

you know i'll keep you posted because i'm an over-sharer, this is the only thing going on in my life, and i have unfettered access to this little corner of the internetz.  expect nothing less.

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todd said...

i think next time we should do a "for sale by loner" and see how many people are surprised to see me smoking a cigarette with my leather jacket on as they come to see the house.