it's shaping up to be yet another crazy week.

we had another showing of our house on sunday. seriously, how does anyone do this for any extended period of time?!  our house has been on the market for like two weeks and i'm already like, this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.  ever in my life.  i think i'm just grumpy because even though our house is 'sold,' it's only sort of sold, so we have to keep acting like it's still on the market, just in case.  dumb.  stressful.  unnecessary.

today we're being kicked out of our house for the afternoon while they do the inspection, so please be praying that the house wasn't built on quicksand or has some other weird and unsellable condition.

i'm sixteen weeks along in this pregnancy already.  what?!  how did that happen?!  not that sixteen weeks is really all that far along, but i'm pretty sure i was just like nine weeks a few days back.  maybe i was and i'm just bad at math and calendars.

later this week, todd has two second interviews for possible job opportunities in the cf area.  i'm praying that he gets one that pays well enough that we can put in that in-ground pool full of gold coins i've wanted ever since i first saw ducktales.  i'm a really graceful diver and it would be pure poetry to watch me swandive into that thing.  you're going to want to come watch, so for your own sake, keep your fingers crossed and and your under-the-breath prayers focused on pool fulla money...pool fulla money...  i mean, job for todd...job for todd.



todd said...

you should know that the practical side of me can't justify the hike in home owner's insurance we would take when installing an above ground pool full of coins.

paige said...

ABOVE ground? We aren't white trash. Our pool o' money will be IN ground, like they do it in jersey.

Zach Sunderland said...

1) You both are great
2) You both are in my prayers

I'm very excited for you. Also, I hope your children are strong swimmers!

YAYA said...

Pool fulla money! Pool fulla money!