one room down, fifty seven million to go.

i cleaned out the storage room on saturday, which is big stuff since i now frequently feel like a bag of barf and can barely rouse myself to pee.  but saturday morning found me somewhat chipper, and somewhat motivated, and somewhat normal-feeling, as though the cosmic bodies aligned simply because they thought i needed to clean (half of) my basement.  so clean it i did.

i'm not going to even attempt to describe the post-apocalyptic state in which i found the storage room.  what kind of dirtball let it get like that?!  whoever it was deserves a day at the spa; she seems a bit out of control. 

anyway, i pulled everything out, sorted it, put it back in label-maker-labeled boxes.  i knocked down cobwebs.  i scrubbed some horrifically dirty windows.  i even disposed of a couple of previously undiscovered, and very crispy, mouse carcasses from the 2012 mousaccre.  i swept.  i used seven entire magic erasers on the nasty stairs alone. (pretty sure i just destroyed 100-years of perfectly preserved foot-traffick dust.  sentimental historian i am not.)  and to top it off, i emptied four buckets of what started out as mop water and ended up looking like plaster of paris.

so i'm considering the storage room ready-to-sell.  which is only somewhat comforting since it's one room of...(let me count)...sixteen in our house.  and it's the smallest.  and i'm wanting to put our house on the market in the next 2-4 weeks.  seems daunting, but nothing a little arson can't fix.


todd said...

it looks awesome! you did such a great job. ever seen that movie, "while you were sleeping"? most people wake up to a post-apocalyptic world. to my surprise, i woke up from my nap to a post-post-apocalyptic world. i almost got out my eschatological flow charts to figure out which position had proved itself correct.

The Crislers said...

Hey, I read the bit about mouse carcasses, eagerly scrolled down to see how many mice had been vanquished in 2012, but the image wasn't there! What's going on? Where is it? And why am I freaking out about this?

And Todd, your eschatological flow chart joke made me laugh out loud. Probably because there was some heated debate about all that in my last bible study.

todd said...

i'll bet my hand grenades and canned goods that my very specific, although peculiar, eschatological position is 100% foolproof!