eight hundred: it's like the movie 300 with like 500 more guys.

this is my 800th blog post. why have you people tolerated me for 800 blog posts? i judge you a little, to be honest, because i'm a moron but you keep reading.

(actually, no, that's not true. well, it is true that i'm a moron, but it's not true that i judge you. i love you and adore you and will bake you a pie if you don't leave me.)

anyway. that's crazy. that means that next year sometime i will cross the 'one thousand posts' mark and i'm already thinking up some kind of awesome giveaway.  if you have any ideas for what i should give away, shoot me an email. right now i'm thinking about some kind of large, smoked meat.  we all know you'd enter that giveaway.

anyway, i'm not going to let the impending large-scale blog milestone steal my joy from today.  today, in celebration of eight hundred posts, i give myself (and you too!) free rein to make fun of anything and everything i (you) feel like.  you know, in the spirit of 'the minivan voorsts.'  i think i personally am going to start with josh groban. 

also, in honor of the big eight-oh-oh (say that like ke$ha would say it and you've got yourself a hit and probably a communicable disease), i'm going to 'fess up to something: i have big plans for the blog in the new year.  like, a header with more than just boring text.  and some color!!  and maybe a photo of me on the sidebar in which i'm throwing the wink and the gun.  maybe not that last part, i haven't decided.  but you all have been so sweet to come here almost everyday, and say nice things to me, and not report me to dhs, that i figured i should make it a little more interesting once you get here.

so sometime in january, put on your wizard of oz sunglasses, we're about to go technicolor!


whenjeskasparks said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOT! and i vote the wink and the gun.

The Crislers said...

Your first paragraph made me think of this (name that quote!):

"Honestly, I judge her for not breaking up with me sooner."

todd said...

yo crisler!

i judge you for thinking paige wouldn't know that.


paige said...

kristy: when janice breaks up with ross.

and i judge her for not breaking up with him sooner, too.

Derek Crisler said...

Ohhh, Sorry, its when Mona breaks up with Ross.

paige said...

AAARRG!!!!!!! i just got pwnd.