we voted.

i took the kids voting this morning.  (please note that they are dressed.  A+ this tuesday morning for paige van voorst.)

it was awesome.  four whole minutes of wrangling the kids, trying to explain that we were getting to pick who gets to help make our rules and protect us and decide how to spend our money.  totally over the kids' heads, so i just filled in my bubbles and stuck the ballot in the automated ballot-sucker which point atticus freaked out because the scary machine stole our paper.  then it was back out in the rain to hop in the van, at which point atticus asked me to drive around town so we could scope out orange road cones.

if you're able to take your kids with you to vote, i'd encourage you to do so!  even if they're little, they'll get to see their parents exercising their right to vote, which is something so many people in the world do not have the privilege of doing.  i know pretty much everyone and their mom is on facebook, on the phone, and on your porch trying to get you to vote, and if you're anything like me you're probably all, 'i get it, bozos, and if you call me one more time i'm not going to vote just to spite your stupid face.'  (in fact, one of the guys i voted for was based solely on anti-that-guy propaganda that actually got me really excited for his stance on stuff.) so i'm not going to try to convince you to vote - i'm sure you've already decided whether you will or won't. 

but if you do, i encourage you take your kids.  if voting is important to you, let them see you do it.  plus the old ladies that check your voter registration love it.  they'll cover your kid in 'i voted' stickers and double check your address on your registration so they know where to come to kidnap them.  but that's the risk you'll have to take if you have adorable progeny.  oh, the burdens of parenting in america.

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YAYA said...

YAAAY for taking the kids to vote!!!

When I was 2 years old my Uncle Rick brought over an American Flag, taught me to salute it by placing my hand over my heart and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. He was in the Army at the time, but I think he also liked hearing a little kid say big words. When I had mastered the entire pledge he gave me that flag... which I still have.

I am glad to be an American and I have high hopes for the future of our country as it passes to your kids. I am so glad you gave them the opportunity to experience the one of the most important freedoms we enjoy in this country.

Love you and love those young voters-to-be!