this is the real me.

it's time for the promised tour of our disastrous laundry room!

(remember when i took you on a video tour of our last laundry room?  this one is far from being the in-depth journalism that that post was, but maybe that's best for both of us.)

first stop?  the top of my dryer:

clean-but-still-wet cloth diapers waiting to be line-dried, the hated bleach necessary for stripping them, the diaper pail waiting to go back upstairs, and a book.  not just any book, though; it's called setting their hope in god: biblical intercession for your children, and i can't recommend it highly enough. (you can download a free copy here.)  it's a book of short prayers, all based on, and even pulled directly from, scripture passages, for you to pray for and over your children.

i read somewhere once about a lady that used her time folding laundry to pray over the little (and big) wearers of all the clothes. i don't do that; one, because i fold laundry fast to get it over with, and two, because i have a hard time praying while simultaneously cussing under my breath about having to fold the laundry in the first place. but since i spend a ton of time in my laundry room, i keep the book down there, and take a few seconds each day to pray for my kids.

and here is my other laundry room book:

my utmost for his highest. again with the few-seconds-a-day thing, i just read a short devotional from this a few days a week.  i'm not super regular about it, but when i do read it, it has a HUGE impact on my perspective.  i really need to make this a daily thing.

here's the shelf above my utility sink:


on the far left is a little enamelware container that i put my dryer lint in.  (i compost our lint, but i always forget to carry it upstairs after every load, so i just wait until this thing fills up and take it up all at once.)  next to that is a mason jar full of oxi-clean, and a little wooden bowl that holds my current set of soapnuts, my dryer balls, and any loose change, etc., i find in the wash.

that 'simple' sign behind everything might have to go.  i made it from a piece of wood i found in a campsite burn pile, and a vinyl decal i got for free at a garage sale.  i thought the thriftiness of it would bring me joy, but instead the stupid swirly font mocks my far-from-simple laundry tasks.  so i kind of hate it.

on the right side of the shelf is a mason jar full of liquid laundry detergent and my bottomless supply of unused soapnuts. 

i keep my detergent in a jar because a) it's prettier, and b) i buy my detergent in 5-gallon buckets:

crazy, right?!  especially considering that you only use one tablespoon of the stuff per load.  also on the topic of crazy bulk purchases (though unrelated to this post in every other way), here's a 50-pound box of dishwasher powder. 

no, i don't own stock in biokleen, although i could see where you would think that.

and last but not least, my sad little corner that will, perhaps someday, become a laundry-themed vignette:

(please imagine that empty frame is hanging on the wall with maybe some wall-mounted hooks inside with some cute little vintage items of laundry hanging on them.  also maybe imagine some plants or other stuff on the ironing board and maybe a clothespin chandelier hanging from the ceiling?  imagine really hard.)

and there you have it.  my perpetually messy and overwhelming laundry room, plus a couple of book recommendations, and a photo of a very large box of dishwasher powder.


todd said...

thank you for praying for our children and making sure we all have clean clothes to wear.

The Crislers said...

Man, I get all kinds of composting ideas from you. Why did it never occur to me to compost dryer lint? Also, love the book recs!