okay, the rest of old threshers.

penelope checking out some baby cows.

atticus in a one-room schoolhouse.

this is how finn spent most of his time.

lisagrace came with us and we decimated a huge turkey leg together.  jealous?

atticus checking out the bees.

finneas, enjoying his first gun fight.

finneas and my mom.

the kids are still talking about this gun fight.


our ride on a steam train, during which the conductor (dressed in period 1900's clothing) told us all about seeing the sears tower being built.  in the 1970's.  something about that felt unauthentic.

the kids rode on the carousel.  penelope was not a fan.

but she WAS a fan of this sorghum cookie.

it was SUPER muddy.  we all got filthy.

see? told you.

see anything funny in this picture? no?  well, let me zoom in for you...

she loved the steam train about as much as the carousel.


The Crislers said...

I'm convinced. I need to go to Old Threshers.

whenjeskasparks said...

bahahahah penelope. fantastic. what a sweet li'l peanut. and yes, i AM jealous about that turkey leg. thanks for asking.

when we were in TN visiting josh's family, i mentioned you guys in a conversation with his mom and she was all (enter adorable thick southern accent) "awwwhh. is that your friend with the little girl that stole josh's heart? he told me something about you havin' a friend with a sweet girl that just plunked down in his lap to read a book and it just melted his little heart!"
haha. so apparently the tales of penelope are spreading across the land.

paige said...

kristy, you were one of the ones that i thought would be all over OT. put it on the schedule for next labor day weekend - seriously, we should do it up.

jes, that is so sweet that josh (and his mom) remembered that!

todd said...

i love that sissy tenso.

i also love that you and i are about the only people who probably have a frame of reference for that joke!

YAYA said...

The cookie pic is my new wallpaper!

Our life in pictures said...

I grew up going to Old Threshers with my family and grandparents every year....great memories for your kiddos and now I'm thinking maybe I should venture back that way! Fun pics BTW