loads (and loads) of laundry.

when todd and i were first married, i did two loads of laundry every week:  a load of hot water items, and one of cold water items.  in addition, every other week i washed sheets.  that was it.

fast forward to last week: a friend came over on Laundry Folding Day (yes, i know i should spread it out throughout the week, but i'd rather hate one day a week than hate every day of my life) after i had folded thirteen loads of laundry.  said friend is pregnant with her first baby, and i think i scared the jibblies out of her.

she was all, how much laundry do you people go through?!   and i was all, thirteen loads a week, apparently (although i do think i had pushed off Laundry Folding Day for a couple of days, so it may have been about a week and a half's worth of laundry.)  because, see, it's not just your daily clothes anymore.  it's your daily clothes, plus the ones you have to change into after they've been puked/peed/pooped/bled on by a second party, or after you spilled something kitchen-related on them.  it's not just your husband's clothes, it's his work clothes and weekend clothes and workout clothes.  it's not just your kids' sheets, it's the three sets of sheets that have been peed on this week.  and then there are towels and washcloths (both kitchen and bathroom), cleaning rags, cloth diapers, burp rags, blankets, questionable-smelling clothes you recently purchased at a garage sale, the too-small kids' clothing you're getting ready to store, the towels you used to clean pee up off the floor, the twenty pairs of soiled training panties, the daily jammies and regular outfits your kids wear, the white curtains with the mysterious toddler-height brown stains, etc. etc.

which is why, though i was totally caught up on laundry a few days ago, my laundry room currently looks like this:

yikes, right?! but you know me; i'm nothing if not transparent and also a walking disaster.  you may not be able to tell in this picture, but that pile on the right (my hot water loads) is nearly knee-deep at its highest point.  yeah, really.

 so, in summary, what would i say the point of this post was?  that when you sign on for family, you sign on for laundry. lots and lots of laundry. and there's no other point to it than that.

**while i was taking this photo, i thought i'd just do a quick tour of our laundry cave (which isn't really all that cavernous, since it's sky blue and huge, but it is in the basement and it does look like some kind of animal makes its den down there, so we'll stick with calling it the laundry cave).  clearly i did not clean up for you, but i'll give you a grand tour on monday anyway.

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whenjeskasparks said...

I am encouraged and frightened by this post. I first thought "hurrah! I'm not alone in my piles of laundry! vindication comes to my laundry couch at last!" then I quickly dropped into reverse and thought "wait. if its like this now... and I don't even wash sheets often...frick."

but at least I usually do Josh's laundry too. so it's not ALL mine (yesitis).