i'm proud to be on the internet, where at least i know stuff is funny...

i love the thing on the blogger dashboard that lets you see what searches have led people to your blog.   mine gets a lot of searches that make sense, such as 'team van voorst' and 'paige van voorst blog,' etc.  but like i showed you here, the ways some people make it here is not always so straightforward.  my favorite searches so far:

.."i'm tired of being pregnant" has actually gotten me lots of hits.  it's a little freaky that google search knows me so well.

.."christmas decorating" gets some regular traffic to my blog.  which is ridiculous since my christmas decorating last year involved porch lights, a tree, and a single entryway table with a nativity set on it.  although i did ramble on about it (and get on a high horse about inflatables) long enough that it probably makes sense. 

.."stubbly legs."  i don't really know what to say about the fact that someone googled this.

.."where is tony van voorst?"  apparently they now know who could tell them if they asked.

.."google, you're being a jerk wad" and "how do you spell jerk wad."  i love this.  i'm honored to be the one they trust to comfort them when they're dealing with jerk wads.

.."gotta go party oh oh oh oh."  well now you know where to come to do it oh oh oh oh.

and then there's a less-than-thrilling search that has gotten some pervert here a couple of times, to which i say, 'hey pervert, you know that there aren't any nudies on here.  why do you keep coming back?"  i'm sorry i can't tell you exactly what they search for (it's ridiculous, by the way) because i don't want the actual phrase pulling more sickos from google search.  but i will say i probably brought it on myself when i titled this blog post.

and while we're on the subject of weird stuff, and now that i need to end this post with a laugh rather than the heebie-jeebies, remember when i told you that craigslist garage sale listings are frequently super funny?  a couple months back i ran across this one that was called something like, 'mary jane's indoor and outdoor sale,' and in her listing she organized all her possessions into 'indoor items' and 'outdoor items.'  the funnier part was that there were some items she itemized under 'both indoor and outdoor' so you could use them at your own discretion, such as books and shoes.  also, this photo was attached to the listing:

in case you can't see, she's a woman after my own heart and used microsoft paint to sketch a word bubble above her dog that says, 'what do you mean i have to have all this stuff priced by saturday morning???'

the internet is the best place ever.  although we should probably vote off the creeps, they ruin it for everyone, don't they?

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