i wish i could say i rarely do stuff like this.

let me just paint you a little picture:

the other day, todd was leaving to put gas in the car and asked if i needed anything while he was out.  i said no, so he left.  but then!  i thought of something!

so i went busting out the sliding door as he was pulling out of the driveway.  he was too busy looking at the neighbor to notice me as i was frantically trying to wave him down.  the neighbor thought i was waving at him, so he waved back.  todd thought the neighbor was waving at him, so he waved back.  and kept driving.

so then i went busting across the lawn to try to catch up with him before he turned into the street.  but he was too busy looking at the lady across the street to notice me flailing both arms over my head and sprinting at him.  the lady across the street started pointing at me to try to get him to turn around.  instead, he was all, why's she pointing at me? and kept driving. 

he pulled onto the street, so i started running down the sidewalk alongside his car, yelling and waving my arms.  when he finally saw me, he slowed down and rolled down his window so i could breathlessly tell him what i needed him to get.

oh, what i wouldn't do for some sunflower seeds.

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YAYA said...

This post has left an incredibly funny image in my mind and I have found myself experiencing recurrant chuckling over it. Thank you.