as of today, i have spent five years of my life being a married lady.  and you know what?  probably the best five years yet.  i mean, there was that one year where my family spent a couple nights at the disneyland hotel, which was pretty good.  but that was evened out by that other year that i was supposed to go to horse camp but instead sprained my ankle by slipping off an intertube into embarrassingly shallow water so i had to stay home.  so - all things weighed, being married has been better than that time i got to spend the night at disneyland.  which is saying something.

in seriousness, i am dumbstruck by how hugely god has blessed our marriage.  todd and i  he's the person that i would choose to spend time with if given the pick of anyone ever.  we're like those people who look like their dogs; half the time we're basically the same person.  and it's not that we haven't had our issues or areas where we bicker, but our marriage is generally just smooth-sailing and FUN.

what i know about him five years down the line: he likes puns.  he listens to books on tape.  he actively doesn't like to eat breakfast.  he makes up new words.  he listens to sermons and podcasts like it's a fun hobby or something.  he's great with our finances.  he has the strongest work ethic of anyone i've ever met.  he notices the work i put in.  he puts the kids to bed for me.  he's willing to eat rice all the stinking time.  he buys things like slipcovers for my birthday because he knows i like things like slipcovers.  he delights in good food.  he really likes new clothes, but rarely buys them.  he hates mowing but used to do it all the time because he assumed i hated it too.  he unloads the dishwasher.  he seeks god.  he loves my extended family.  he has gone so far as to say he doesn't mind our REALLY brown bathroom even though he doesn't like brown, just because i like our REALLY brown bathroom.  he is a great dad.  he is a thinker.  he wants to grow out a nasty long beard but doesn't because i don't like nasty long beards.  he brings home surprises for me, like gallons of the good milk or soda i can actually drink.  he doesn't make me watch violent or gory movies, even though it means he doesn't have anyone to watch them with.  he deals with my quirks, like how i always leave the cupboard doors open or how i insist on having my pans stacked in size order, without complaint.  he pretends not to see it when i pick my nose.  he gives me back rubs and leg rubs when i ask because he knows i'm a physical touch person, even though he hates giving massages.  he watches friends with me without much grumbling.  he keeps brass knuckles under our mattress.  he is a list-maker.  when we take the kids places, he is usually the one making sure they don't die or get kidnapped.  he thinks i'm cute and never says anything about the backloaf i've retained post-baby.

there are about a million more things i could list but i'll respect the fact that no one's reading my blog because they have a novel-sized hole in their life they've been hoping i'd fill.  i just want to say that i love my husband, i'm grateful for the time we've been given, and i'm excited to see what god uses us for together.  other than making the world's smartest, cutest, funniest kids, clearly.

happy anniversary to my incredible husband!!


todd said...

Thank you my wife. That meant a great deal to me. I am honored and I feel respected and known by you. Praise God for my beautiful wife who notices me.

whenjeskasparks said...

happy pentiversary :) i am so honored to still be celebrating with you after five years. (although it hardly seems that long! i can still remember so much of that time!) love you both!

YAYA said...

Hope you have had a wonderful day and that the celebration extends on into the weekend... and yes you do have the world's smartest, cutest, funniest kids, clearly! <3