i'm writing a blog post!!!!

i go to a lot of garage sales.  as in, A LOT.  it's our primary way of clothing our children and furnishing our house without going broke.  but taking three kids to garage sales, or maximizing my time while todd has the kids, involves planning and research.  enter: craigslist.  some of the funniest parts of my week involve craigslist.  let's have a look-see at last week's ads:

this one reads: just graduated and will be moving away from ---.  looking to sell some stuff, so i have less to move.  i treat my belongings like someone who is a mature adult, so you can expect the items to be high quality.

that right there is some funny, though honest-to-goodness reassuring, content.  if you have to ask why, you probably have the sense of humor of a mature adult.

and then there's this one:

this one makes me laugh until my stomach cramps up.  i went to this one just to meet the girl who was so excited.  she was nice.

anyway.  if you wrote either one of these ads, just know that my blog is a free-for-all when it comes to making fun of stuff, and i posted a picture of myself looking like beaker the muppet, so we're even.  also, i'd really like to be friends.  call me.  or don't, now that you know that i have the sense of humor of an idiot.

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