finneas at three months

finneas turned three months old yesterday.  THAT'S THIRTEEN WEEKS, PEOPLE!  finn obviously finds that quite insane:

while i haven't met every baby in the world, i would like to submit that it's likely that he's the easiest baby in the world.  he could medal in sleeping.  at the beginning of the month, he would take a feeding at 7:30 am or so, then immediately go back to sleep and sleep until 11:00 or so.  that's right.  he wouldn't get up for the day until 11:00.  even now, if he's sleeping at any point between 6:00 pm and 5:30 am, he has to be awakened for his feedings.  i feed him around 9:30 pm, he sleeps until 5:30 am or so, then falls immediately back to sleep and sleeps until 9:00 or so.  whose kid is this?!

he's on a three-to-four hour routine throughout the day, taking about six feedings a day, and he's chunking out, so i'm pretty sure he's getting enough to eat.  (after the whole thing with penelope, i'm really paranoid about my milk supply.)  when he's awake, he loves tummy time, rolling over, standing (with help, obviously), talking up a storm, and whacking at/grabbing for things.  he rolls from his back to his tummy pretty much immediately after i lay him down in his bed.  he's gotten THISCLOSE to laughing a couple of times, but it hasn't happened yet.

his eyes are darker and his hair is lighter than those of the other kids. i LOVE that he's a little blondie, although in certain lights and outfits he looks like a total ginger, so i'm guessing he's going to be more strawberry blonde than anything.

no sign of teeth yet, so he's probably not going to be quite the ladybabies' man that atticus was at his age.  also, breastfeeding isn't what it was with atticus at this point as a result of those sharp, tiny little knifeteeth, so i'm fine with it.

also, he's apparently way into his right foot.  he did this the entire time we were taking pictures:

player's stats:

weight: 13.2 lbs (30th percentile)

length: 25.5 inches (84th percentile)

to sum up in a single nickname: 'stretch v.v.'

i love this kid.  i miss him when he's sleeping; i get excited just climbing the stairs to get him up from nap.  i feel spoiled that i get to be the one to cuddle him and make him smile and smell his neck all day long.  so blessed.  so blessed.


todd said...

Love that kid!

realifemotherhood said...

What a sweet little guy!

I can relate to worrying about feeding babies enough - struggle with it every. single. time. But he looks nice and plump:-)