get ready for a jumbo (or is it a mega?) blog post.

one thing i've never been able to keep straight is diaper pack sizing. you'd think after three kids, i'd have it down, but i still have no idea what is intended by the heirarchy of pack sizing. i don't mean the size of the diapers themselves: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc, is pretty straightforward. however, the sizing of the packages those diapers come in is a totally different issue.

i had to look it up on the target site to even know the following, but the smallest package of huggies you can buy is a 'jumbo' pack of little swimmers. then next is a 'mega' pack of pull-ups. then next is a 'value' pack of run-o-the-mill dipes. then next is a 'big' pack. then a 'giant' pack.

um...apparently words accurately indicating size mean nothing to these people. how am i supposed to intuit that a big pack is actually larger than a mega pack but smaller than a giant pack?!

and then the clincher is that todd came home the other day with a great, big box of diapers called a special pack. 'special' isn't even a size word. what is going on?! soon they're just going to start rolling out boxes with nonsense words on them, like 'bonus koosh pack' and 'smelt pack, now with 150% more diapers than the leading flounding pack!'

and then what about those store brands that have 'family' packs of diapers? i mean, i get it when like pasta salad or toothbrushes or chips come in a family-sized package. the understanding is that a lot of the members of the family will be splitting the items amongst themselves. diapers don't tend to be that way...hopefully.

so really, this blog is really just a desperate cry from a frazzled mom who can't even remember which kid is which half the time - PLEASE, diaper companies, make sense in your advertising. what about just saying "pretty small pack" and even "relatively large pack, comparatively"? or if you want to get creative, i suggest using ROYGBIV or something, with violet being those packs of diapers that you have to strap to the top of your car because they're so big.

and while we're making suggestions to the baby industry, why has no one ever made a baby swing frame that supports a car seat?! that way you wouldn't have to get the baby out of the swing to put them in the car seat, or vice versa.

i'm brilliant and yet no one listens to me.


todd said...

that car seat/baby swing idea is really quite good. that would be so convenient.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way!

And the swing/car seat thing use to be around (I remember it from my Full House days) but I think they phased it out so we would buy more crap for our kids.