why i don't trust whirlpool.

the other day we had a couple of friends over, the husband half of which sells appliances and could name the make and model number of all of our kitchen machinery.  when the discussion came around to the Whirlpool Quiet Partner III dishwasher we have, he mentioned that the higher the number (or number of I's), the lower the decibels of sound it makes when running.  which he remarked is kind of misleading.  what if you wanted a really loud dishwasher, so you were all like, III sounds louder than I, i'll take it!  then you get home and can barely hear it and you're all, this is not what i paid for!

so my proposal is that, instead of using roman numerals to (confusingly) indicate the level of noise the Quiet Partner makes, whirlpool should start using different descriptive words in the actual name of the product.  like the Quiet Partner I could be changed to something more like, The Only Semi-Respectful Partner, and the Quiet Partner II could be changed to The Partner Who Sleeps Most of the Time but Also is a Bit of a Mouth-Breather, and the Quiet Partner III could be changed to That Partner Who's Always In the Room but You Forget He's There Until it's Too Late.

just a thought.  i think it would promote transparency in advertising, and also serve to alleviate some confusion.  although i could see where it would serve to instigate some other maybe it's a wash.  (and i have volitionally chosen not to expound upon that potential pun.)

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todd said...

you are a punny dame my quiet partner 4L (for life)


even i am a little disgusted at how lame that was.