i'm a jerkwad. you're a jerkwad. and god knows it.

i think there's a common misconception that being a christian has anything to do with being a better person.  that's why there are so many christians out there who point the judgmental finger at others as though they're somehow superior, and so many nonbelievers who feel like they're not good enough for god or something.  (or, conversely, who think they don't need god because they're 'good enough' or 'at least i'm better than so-and-so.')  it's because we all make the mistake of thinking the two kinds of people in the world are 'bad' people and 'good' people.  the closer you are to 'good,' the better off you are in the eyes of god.

but the truth is that there are two kinds of people in the world: dirtbag sinners who deserve hell, and dirtbag sinners who deserve hell but have been saved by the work of jesus.  and you know what? god is not concerned with you becoming a 'better person' after he saves you, either.  he knows you're a dirtbag, he knows he made you out of dust, and the whole reason jesus had to die was because he knows that, as such, we would never be able to earn anything at all worth having - jesus had to do it for us.

but what god is concerned with is christians becoming new people.  not people who cuss less, or are nicer, or go to church every week.  he's concerned with people whose hearts are brand new because they used to be dead in their sin and now they're alive.  they used to be enemies of god, and through nothing they did to deserve it, they're now part of god's family.  as a result, they might end up cussing less or being nicer or going to church more - but it's because they are able to see that god is better than what they are and what they had, not because those things in any way make them better.

i am not a better person than i was before jesus found me.  in a lot of ways, i'm a worse person - i now know what i should do, and i don't always do it.  i now have the spirit of god in me that gives me the power to walk away from sin, and i still often cling to it.  but jesus died to make me new, not to make me better, and i can honestly say i am a new, different, alive person because of it.  and i'm forgiven for my dirtiness.  and that's better than being better.

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todd said...

Jesus + nothing = everything