today i would like to discuss home decor.

first up: rugs.

why is it that most rugs are ugly, brown-ish/beige-ish, or much too expensive?  i am finding myself in love with the power of a good rug... but completely incapable of finding one i like that isn't about a million trillion dollars.  (i bet if i asked obama to put it in the budget he would, but todd is not as, ahem, presidential.) 

rugs are the shoes of a room: i LOVE them and want a million of them but can't afford the ones worth buying, so a large majority of the ones i have (with the exception of a couple hotties from ikea) are only 'meh' and/or came out of a dumpster.

second up: lighting.

WHY OH WHY does most standard lighting (in our house, anyway) look like a boob, all round and fleshy-looking with a big old dark pointy part in the middle?  just looking at them makes me feel nauseated and embarrassed.  and yet, basically 100% of all non-chandelier fixtures in our home are boob lights.  todd does not seem to think they're that bad, and my wanting to rip them all out and put in new ones is beyond him. 

however, if rugs are the shoes of a room, lights are the earrings. 

the other day todd wanted to buy some replacement bulbs for the weird, tacky boob-chandelier (yes, it's a very fancy boob, probably modeled after the queen's) in our bedroom and i was all, i don't want to spend money on specialty bulbs since i eventually want to change out the fixture anyway (even though he did make a good point that of the six bulbs in the fixture, only one works).  then todd was all, i don't get why you don't like that light.  and i was all, lights-are-the-earrings-blah-blah-blah.  and todd was like, have you seen our bedroom?!?!  putting a nice light in there is like putting nice earrings on a guy with no pants.  like, it's nice and all but maybe you should first address the more pressing issue of pantslessness.  and i was all, touche.

last up: wallpaper.

wallpaper gets a bad reputation.  and understandably so, considering the same people that design maternity clothes and very large panties also design wallpaper.  meaning, the patterns are best saved for old people pajamas and not hung on every bare inch of wall space. 

HOWEVER.  i am dying to find a good, untacky wallpaper for our bathroom.  and maybe our entryway.  and maybe some closets.  and other than at anthropologie where it's like $150 per roll (which makes me want to pull a grape lady...ouch ow owwwweeeeeeeee ow ow ow) i'm coming up roses... literally.  80% of all non-anthro wallpaper has roses on it.  unfortunate. (however, looking at my list of potential wallpapered spaces, maybe it's a good thing i'm finding myself limited.)

SO.  if you have any leads on non-brown, non-expensive, non-ugly rugs; non-expensive, non-private-part lighting; or non-expensive, non-old-people wallpaper... let a lady know.


The Crislers said...

Fortunately, we have only two boob lights in our house, but I've always referred to them as "nipple lights." Derek doesn't get it either.

As for rugs, I, too, have despaired at how crazy expensive they are. Ours is from a couple that were selling rugs from their truck on the side of the road. I've convinced myself this makes the rug cool because we got it from gypsies. If you find a place to get nice but relatively inexpensive rugs, please share!

todd said...

I like that you like rugs, lighting, and select wallpapers.

But I stand by my premise: earrings, shoes, belts, hair ties, and lipstick are all nice but first a person should put on a shirt and pants.

Kate A said...

Paige, you are so funny. I'm working on [slowly] replacing all the crappy flush mount lighting in our basement with nice fixtures and I totally complained to my husband they all look like boobs! For rugs, try or You can find modern patterns + quality rugs for around $200 for a 5x8'. Also, urban outfitters have some cheap, great patterned rugs, but they're super thin. Hope this helps!

Lisagrace Alsbury said...

I really think we need to figure out how to make our own rugs. I bet we could do for half the cost and 10x the amount of blood, sweat and tears-so it would obviously be worth it.

whenjeskasparks said...

the cost of rugs is completely ungodly. stupid stupid stupid. if i want one big enough to fit the room i'm wanting it for, chances are it was so expensive there isn't anything else in that room. so yeah, they're a nice pair of shoes, but my room is entirely naked. doesn't end up so well. blegh.

I SEE YOU THIS WEEKEND! josh is working late tonight so i won't get to see him after all. :( i'll let you know ASAP about this saturday/sunday.