show me that smile again.


apparently maggie seaver is the same kind of party planner that i am:

the mentality that decorations are for chumps? check.

lack of guests because they all know how bad your parties suck, and also because you forgot to send out the invites until yesterday? check.

the one guest who did make it (and isn't sleeping in the doorway) is stuck in the corner amidst piles of boxes because you didn't clean your house before said party? check.

plenty of sandwiches? check and check.

half-chugged bottle of orange juice in which to drown your lonely, failure-of-a-party-planner sorrows? definitely check.

although, she at least arranged for a special cameo appearance by kirk cameron...i can't remember the last time i got a celebrity to show up at one of my shindigs.


YAYA said...

Don't sell yourself short... you did an awesome job of planning and executing a SURPRISE birthday party for me. Surprise parties are the toughest!

todd said...

I looked up Kirk Cameron and birthday party and figured out what the reference was. You totally scooped me on this "meme."