celebreality monday.

the bible says that women will be saved through childbearing.  whut.  that's kind of a crazy thing to say - really crazy, actually, if you think about it. 

now, obviously it can't mean that we will get into heaven because we had a baby.  first of all, that's not fair to single gals and girls with fertility issues and the few high school girls left who have kept themselves from impregnantion.  second of all, the bible's clear that we are saved by GRACE alone, through FAITH alone, in CHRIST alone.  (there's even a latin phrase backing me up on that one - which means i know what i'm talking about.)  the bible doesn't say that we're saved by grace through faith in christ and/or by babies.  if that were true, it would motivate me to be more like octomom, which is not something i think god is hoping to accomplish in my life.

but the bible does say clearly we'll be saved by having kids.  and this is what i take it to mean: salvation is made up of three big words with the following overly-simplified definitions: justification (jesus taking on your sin and paying for it himself), expiation (you taking on the righteousness that only jesus earned) and sanctification (being made more closely into the image of christ).  for a christian, justification and expiation happen in a moment, when christ pays for your sin and transfers his righteousness to you, but sanctification lasts the whole live-long time you walk on this earth.  SO.  i think what the bible is saying is that having kids is an opportunity that god uses uniquely in the lives of women to sanctify them, or to make them more like jesus.

and the thing i want to make clear through celebreality mondays is not that we should necessarily celebrate our failures, but that there is a lot of noise out there telling you what a 'good' mom is.  and most of it is stuff that really doesn't matter, so it kind of doesn't matter if you suck at it.  it doesn't make you more christlike, it doesn't encourage your kids to know and love jesus.  and it's not that all of these things are bad: i think it's great if Joe Blow Mom loves to craft or bake or power sand furniture.  it's just that those aren't the things that make a mom a good mom in the eyes of god.  being forgiven in christ and seeking to be like him are the only things that make us good moms, because they align us with the only One who actually is good: christ.

so what i'm trying to say is this: do not feel like a failure if once again your house is a mess because you spent your day raising up your kids to know the lord.  don't feel like if you can't sew a straight line without requiring a trip to the emergency room you're somehow failing.  don't put that on yourself, because god doesn't, and it isn't fair for the world to put that on you.  you are not accountable to the moms who have it all 'together'.  you're accountable to god, and this is all he wants from you: the faith that leads to repentence and forgiveness in christ, and the humbleness that allows for growth in his likeness. 

that seems like a shorter to-do list than the one pinterest would have me make.