'member that time?

what is it about fall that makes me reminisce about high school vandalism?

'member that time a bunch of my friends tried to TP my house, but the only tree in our yard worth TPing is a pine tree, and the toilet paper rolls would go up into the tree when they threw them, but wouldn't come back down?  so 'member how every time it got windy after that, whole rolls of toilet paper would come sailing out of our tree and re-TP our yard? 

and 'member how we ignorantly pulled in the driveway when they were only mid-destruction, so they took off running, leaving behind a still-sealed four-pack of charmin?

i felt like the luckiest girl in the world that night because A) anyone who's anyone gets TP'd during homecoming, B) i have the kind of friends who would vandalize my house with the expensive toilet paper, and C) i got some freebie, lint-free toilet paper out of the deal.  

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Amy said...

HAHAHAHA!!! That's hilarious how the wind would go ahead and re-TP you! love. that.