video vednesday: pffffffffffffffff....

ahh, reminiscing about the good old days of living three-to-a-dorm-room and watching this into the wee hours of the should-be-at-class.  this song singlehandedly got me through some tough times.  namely, when i ran out of killer dance moves.

aside from his slammin' choreography, i honestly don't know what i like best about this video.  the baby mickey sheets?  all the hair gel?  how he says, 'everyday like a queen on her troon'?  the fact that he nominated himself to be called gellieman?  how you can't really tell exactly what he's talking about? the fact that every time i see "she moves how???" flash across the screen, all i can hear are all those times my roommate amber and i made my 'microsoft sam' application say that?  yep, that's probably what i like most.

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apotratz said...

where do you even find a video like this? there are no words to explain it!! it gave me an awkward feeling in my stomach.