more photos

i never got around to finishing my brag-posts of photos.  as in, i actually uploaded photos and i'm bragging about it by posting pretty much every single one.  so, since i'm sure you were holding your breath waiting for this, you can now rest easy.  and start breathing again.

eating sorghum syrup from a spoon at OT.

i LOVE this photo of todd and sis.

this one too!

sis with grandpa tony.

carving pumpkins as part of our annual 'it's todd's birthday' celebrations.

the kids in the halloween costumes my mom made them.  atticus was a garden gnome and penelope was a lamb.

todd cowboyin' up at the apple orchard.

atticus going a whole 30 seconds on a bucking bull.  i think tim mcgraw sang a song about him after this.

playing in the corn pit at the orchard.

again, at the orchard.  you really should go sometime if you live in the area!

we don't get many photos of the four of us, and even still the kids are looking less-than-thrilled.

LOVE my moby wrap.

going for a spring walk with the fam.

opening presents on his birthday (atticus', not todd's.)

and you know what? i lied.  i still have a couple more from 2010 that i'm going to post later yet.  just because it's nice to have this stuff documented for my own sake.

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