hot town, summer in the city, somethingsomethingelse and a-something little pretty.

that's how i sing when i don't know the words to a song.  it really fools people into thinking i'm a downright lyrical database.

one thing i love about being a stay at home mom is that summer lasts like a million years longer than it did when i was in school or working for a school.  in fact, before three summers ago, i couldn't remember a time in my life where summer didn't end with august.  sure, there was still nice weather, but 'Summer' (the official season of some sport) was over.

now that all has changed.  staying at home buys me almost the whole month of september, too, if i'm lucky and global warming really does exist.  in fact, our summer is just now gearing up and we have a LOT on the agenda for the upcoming couple of months.

first up?  a trip to the black hills to visit todd's parents in their new house, and a chance for atticus to get to spend time with the famed-around-here, horse-riding, cowboy-hat-wearing, combine-driving, car-racing, buffalo-herding, tractor-collecting papa tony.  (i, on the other hand, am particularly excited about getting to spend a week on their acreage getting landscaping tips from the sweetest mother in law you've ever met.  seriously.  she's a dead-ringer for a young betty white.)

also on our summer agenda:  the state fair (hello?), the old threshers reunion (hel-LO?!), getting to see thomas the tank engine LIVE IN PERSON when he visits a neighboring town, the wedding of a co-worker (todd's, not mine, since the only person even remotely close to being my co-worker is todd, and it would be weird for me to be a guest at his wedding - for drama reasons), and a long-weekend trip to california to celebrate the 90th birthday of my great-grandma.  oh, yeah.  this summer is going to be good.

the only (minor) concern i have with all of this is the travel that is necessary for a couple of these trips.  specifically, the 10-hours-not-including-stops drive to south dakota, and the flights to and from california. 

now, i'm not saying that my kids aren't absolute angels who were knitted together in my womb by baby jesus to have the temperament of blind nuns.  actually, as far as toddlers go, they're pretty darn easy-going and flexible.  but i will say that 1) penelope HATES her car seat and screams virtually nonstop even just coming home from ames, 2) we will be traveling during the day, not through the night, and naptimes are harder to encourage than sleep at night and 3) neither one of my kids has ever liked sleeping in the car.  and realistically, in their defense, 10+ hours in a car would be trying even for a blind nun (who hopefully isn't driving).

and that's not even to start worrying about plane travel in a month and a half...

luckily, the ol' vidivan has a VCR (yes, VCR and not DVD player) so that should help with some of the driving, but if you've got any tips for traveling with toddlers - car or plane - PLEASE share them.


allison said...

wrap toys...either new ones or ones that the kiddos haven't seen lately and let them open them throughout the drive.

food...always a good idea for a road trip regardless the age.

Jessica said...

I have no tips for the travel. (other than praying. I always pray for the little kids on my flights - which is a little selfish 'cause I don't want them to be miserable and crying b/c nobody's happy then.)
About your title: I thought that the next part of the song was "back of my neck gettin' dirt and gritty"...which doesn't make complete sense either. :)