celebrate good times, come on!

(anyone else only ever hear that song played in your head on bagpipes?)

as briefly mentioned yesterday, this blog has officially crossed the 100-readers-a-week mark, and this is an ultrasound image of my heart upon hearing the news:

also, 'proud to be an american' started playing.  it was a very moving moment.

i guess what i'm saying is thanks for reading.  in fact, thanks for continuing to read once you find out just how insane i can be.  and bearing with the random rants, the walks down no one else's memory lane, and my embarrassing moments and exaggerations.  blogging is fun for me, but it's made more fun thinking that someone actually cares what i have to say, so thanks for reading!

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apotratz said...

Remember your Video Vednesday with the kid dancing and lip syncing to Katy Perry's, Fireworks? Apparently he's famous now and performed on American's Got Talent, ha!! It made me think of you!