we should all wear matching 'members only' jackets the zoo, i mean.  because we have a membership.  that, and i think 'members only' should make a comeback.

for christmas this year, my mom got us a family pass to the zoo, and a couple weeks ago we broke that baby in.  our zoo is open until 8:00 pm on fridays, so we drove down to dsm to meet todd when he got off work, then we all headed over to the zoo for a little adventure.

penelope contented herself in the wagon most of the time since she's too little to walk.

atticus needs to be a more attentive driver.

taking a break to eat an apple.

being a great big brother and chauffering sis around to see the sights.

not sure what to think of the robotic T-rex.

ah, this picture makes me long for simpler times when fathers and sons could sit for hours just watching the weak dinosaurs get shredded to death by raptors.

finally deciding he might be interested in dinosaurs.

going for a jaunt across a rope bridge.  nbd.

again, contenting herself in the wagon.

sweet! free at last.

getting a better look at the fish.

both of us getting a better look at the fish.

checking out the (super stinky) otters.

heading home after a busy afternoon!

atticus is on a mission to get sis to the car.

we will definitely be going back again soon.  in fact, just yesterday atticus was asking to go again.  so plans are in the works.  and here's the thing - our membership is good for 'van voorst + guest' and kids 2 and under get in free - it could make for a very inexpensive day of fun and company if you'd like to come along!