'member that time?

hey, 'member that time we moved into a new house and tried to get internet installed, and when we called they said they'd be there tomorrow between 8:00 and noon?  and 'member how they never showed, but assured us they'd be coming? then 'member how a week later, when no one ever came, todd called them and they were all like, you should find a different internet provider?

so then, 'member how we did find another internet provider but he was all like, i'll either be there tomorrow or in two weeks, and he didn't show up 'tomorrow'?  so then 'member how we had to wait and wait and wait and die a slow death with no internet and have to write blog posts in the parking lot of mcdonalds and never answer emails and basically starve for human interaction because this is what society has become - totally dependent on the internet?

i remember that like it was only yesterday.  or this very second.

(this is my long, socially quirky way of saying, if i owe you an email, please be patient.  if you're really upset about my absence, call the internet place and tell them where to stick it.  please.)

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apotratz said...

We didn't have internet in our apartment for a long time either and I did the same thing! I bummed off of McDonald's internet in their parking lot! Ha!