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i haven't written about it much, but maybe you remember a while back i tried a grain-free diet?  i went off all grains on december 21, and survived the rest of the holiday season, mostly without event.  i planned to stick with it until may, just to see if it helped alleviate some minor issues (one of which being my skin, and that being not-so-minor).

come february, i was a major grouch about the whole thing, partly because i was sick of eating potatoes and potatoes and potatoes, and partly because i was so stinking hungry that i couldn't be held accountable for my attitude.  so i was all, screw this, i'm eating popcorn.

not. a. good. idea.

while cutting corn out of my diet hadn't immediately caused my health stuff to reverse and my skin to clear up and radiate from within, adding it back in caused some immediate, and can i say kind of scary and disgusting, repercussions.  after attempting a few times to integrate corn back in, i realized it was NOT AT ALL worth it to feel like that - immediate migraines, painfully swollen and constricted sinuses, muscle spasms in my shoulders and neck, and, ahem, digestive issues that are best not even left to the imagination.

so, corn is a no-go for me.  which is challenging and cause for a bad attitude, considering it is in EVERYTHING.  check the back of most foods - i will bet you $10 it contains one or more of the following: corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, maltodextrin, citric acid, xanthan gum...shall i continue?  all these foods are (or are most likely) corn-derived and therefore out for me.  also, the obvious, like corn on the cob and corn chips...but i bet you figured that out.  the sweet corn festival will be a more sober affair from here on out, considering it will now be the 'eat some chicken and stop coveting that guy's free corn' festival.

then i tried adding wheat products back in, and actually tolerated them for about a week.  but i started noticing that the more i ate stuff with wheat in it, the stronger my reaction started getting - my chest would get tight and it was hard to breath, my mouth and throat would BURN, and i'd get bad headaches.  not as violent a reaction as i had to corn, but still there.

so i sadly also gave up wheat.

and to be honest, not only is it difficult to actually eat this way (we rarely eat out anymore, and i make A LOT of soup), but it's also depressing.  stuff i could eat just months ago make me super sick now.  and i feel like a fraud - how do you explain to someone that you've all of a sudden developed a violent reaction to a food you used to eat everyday?  sounds attention-seeking.  not to mention, it still really hasn't sunk in yet that i may never again eat corn chips.  or popcorn.  or real bread.  and i may never again eat 'toast' that is not actually just a nasty ol' rice cake with butter on it.

(yes, i've integrated oats and rice back in without any problems.)

the jury is still out on whether i'm glad i did the whole grain-free thing.  i feel like i have more energy, and some of my health stuff has gone away, but not all of it.  plus, i am more emotional, i think because i'm hungry a lot of the time.  and i won't tell you too much about the impact of a lower-fiber diet, but i think you can glean.

but i suppose i am glad, deep down, that if this is what my body needed that i'm doing it.  but still.  it would be nice if what my body really needed was some french bread and some spaghetti. 

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Alana said...

A really good friend of mmine experienced similar issues over the last few years, starting when she was pregnant with her second child. She can't have the following: corn, wheat, white rice, white potatoes, any milk products, and tomatoes. After a loooooong time, and tons of tests, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease. She was prescribed some awesome vitamins, and continues to find new recipes to bless her family with. So, ya know, there's hope. :)