'member that time?

hey, 'member that time i was in austria and i was riding a bike to the pool when i fell off and got this huge, bloody gash in my arm? and 'member how i pretended to be all cool and american in front of my austrian friend, and like it didn't hurt or whatever, but it actually killed and i swore my bone was all splintered and i figured i should probably pass out to stop the pain?

then 'member how we finally got to the pool and some lady tried to talk to me about my arm (presumably to tell me it was unsanitary for me to get in the pool like that) but all it sounded like was, garbeldy garbeldy guten tag, so i was just like, i'm an american and i don't understand a word you're saying? and 'member how i couldn't even find the door to the pool so i had to go down the water slide into the kiddie pool just to figure out how to get into the building?

it's a good thing the women were all topless and the men were all in speedos, otherwise i bet people would've been staring at me.

also, it's a good thing i don't have AIDS or hepatitis or halitosis or something, because those would be unfortunate things for me to spread around the kiddie pool.

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whenjeskasparks said...

when did THIS happen!