'member that time?

hey, 'member that time lauren's friend said she was going to have a zach braff marathon? and 'member how i was all like, 'oh my word! i love high school musical!' and 'member how then i remembered zach efron....

then 'member how a 19-year-old girl made me feel like i was some kind of walking mummy, all ancient and with my disgusting ancient organs in disgusting ancient jars, but somehow still trying to be all i'm young i swear?

and for the record, i really do like high school musical and for the record, zach braff is awesome as the voice of the brita water filter.  all health-conscious and stuff but still youthfully sarcastic.  if he was a walking mummy, people wouldn't so much hold it against him that his organs were all outside his carcass because he'd probably still have his hair and i feel like if my hair was better people would be quicker to forgive me too.

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lauren said...

haha. he's also the voice of the cottonelle puppy that lives the life of luxury.