yes, i realize it's only november 8.


can i just tell you how stinkin' excited i am for the holidays?  not that i'm usually a scrooge this time of year, but this year it's different.  this year, i am so excited to be intentional about the way our family celebrates.  i want to foster a heart of gratitude for the season, and to use advent to rejoice over the first coming of christ and really eagerly anticipate his return.

i'm not kidding, people, he's coming back...sooner than we think.  and can i just say what a scary, exciting RELIEF that is to know?  this world is falling apart.  that $119 buzz lightyear robot (yes, it's real - and on sale at target if you must have it) means so little in light of everything we're on the brink of. 

not that we're not called to give good gifts to our children...but what is a good gift? a good gift is one that spurs our children on to follow the lord.  a good gift is one that reaches outside of just my little family to touch others as well.  a good gift is one that has lasting value.  a good gift is way better than a hundred okay gifts.

and it's weird.  the thought of giving a few gifts like this is kind of....a relief.  less pressure.  don't ask me how it works. 

OH MAN. COME LORD JESUS.  (and, as atticus says every time we say 'jesus,' whoohoo!)

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whenjeskasparks said...

haha. i love it.
and i love you.

i do not like that google ate my blog. makes me cry. a lot. (seriously.)

my captcha word is "ecloi" is that the lesser known, more retarded version of ecoli?