kitchen tip. you're welcome.

the other day i really wanted popcorn but this is what our pantry looks like at the moment:

you can see a 10 lb bag of whole wheat spagetti there on the left ($4 at the amish store- whuuuut.*), a jar of blue popcorn, a jar of oat flour; then on the bottom we have a can of water chestnuts, some sardines in hot pepper sauce (leftover from when i was pregnant), a can of mandarin oranges and a jar of peanut butter.  that little blue crock is full of butter that i keep at room temperature.** yes, the fixings of a delicious meal, i know, but nothing that would help me pop my popcorn.

i ran out of lard, coconut oil, and bacon grease.  i don't keep vegetable oils in the house.  butter burns before it gets hot enough to pop popcorn, and olive oil would just taste gross, i think.  i also don't have an airpopper.

what's a hungry girl to do?

i just stuck a bunch of kernels in a paper sack and stuck it in the microwave.  voila.  homemade popcorn without any fancy machinery (other than a microwave i guess) and without oil.  just throw on some salt and butter.  you're welcome.

and also, does this picture not make your mouth turn into a faucet of saliva?

* thank you jeska for the loan of the word.  it seemed appropriate.

**a tip within a tip:  as long as butter is salted, you can leave it at room temperature pretty much indefinitely.  so no need to buy those fancy spreadable butters (or worse, margarine).  don't try this with unsalted butter, though.  again, you're welcome.

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whenjeskasparks said...

it is always appropriate.
usually accompanying this face:


(it's two eyes and a really long whuuut mouth.)