baby feeding tip. you're welcome.

penelope has been gobbling up solid foods lately - ENTIRELY different than atticus at this age.  she cries when people have food and she's not being fed, and she acts like she's totally starving.  emotional eating - that's my girl.

anyway, i was watching the duggars one night (yes i watch the duggars and yes i wish i was one of them because they love the lord and they shop at aldi) and michelle (or 'chelle, as i call her when i fantasize that we're besties) was feeding one of her babies.  she laid her on her back on the couch with a towel under her and fed her that way.  and gosh darnit if that's not the best idea ever.  the food stays in their mouth as though that's where it's meant to be - no need for bibs, etc.  plus, i've noticed it helps penelope keep from spitting up as much afterwards.

not that i get the chance to do this very often - she likes being able to sit up and see everything.  but it really does work when i can get her to figure out that i'm trying to help her, not trying to force her into acting like a five-month-old baby when she's clearly a big girl.


apotratz said...

Let me make sure I understand: This is breastfeeding the baby while lying down? And this works? If so I will try it!

paige said...

whoops - i guess i wasn't super clear about this. it's actually for spoon-feeding them solids so the food doesn't go everywhere. it's been super helpful!

apotratz said...

Ha, OK! I get it now :)