any ideas?

todd and i are seriously considering having a "time, times, and half a time" anniversary party.  that means 'three and a half years' for those of you who don't read the bible much and/or aren't in a cult. 

and i wouldn't bring it up if you all weren't invited.  february 17.  be there.

here's the glitch, though:  what exactly should we do at said party?  mark driscoll would probably encourage us to all wear white and drink wine and all-around practice for heaven.  sounds good to me, as long as there are pinatas in heaven.

but that's where my ideas stop.  at a pinata.  and a party has to be more than just a pinata, otherwise it's not so much a party as it is fifteen minutes of batting practice for the blind.  so this is where you come in:  i need ideas that signify time, times and half a time and the fact that todd and i have won at marriage.  maybe we should have some kind of trophy ceremony or something.  i don't know.  any thoughts?!?!

(not that i'm not dead-serious 95% of the time, but i am actually serious this time.  anniversary party ideas.  go.)


whenjeskasparks said...

what about all the ideas i gave you?
those were GOLD i tell you, GOLD!

and heynow.. that cult comment was directed at me.. right? :/

whenjeskasparks said...

typo. sorry.

and i thought of another good idea:
do what daniel did and only eat vegetables and water.
it'll be less exciting, but y'know. good for you and stuffs.