a note from the wife

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear, sweet, wonderful husband.  who is an excellent provider and daddy to our kids.  and who runs an incredible 35+ miles a week, even while battling what is probably pneumonia.  who indulges my little-house-on-the-prairie, whole-food whims.  who wrestles fear to the ground like a demon cobra.  who would make an excellent president of the united states and, probably, king.  who could be friends with chuck norris...if he wanted to.

from the very first birthday todd had while we were dating (actually, i guess it was technically before we were dating), we've carved pumpkins and roasted pumpkin seeds to celebrate.  this year was no exception.

todd: guess what mine is: first, it’s the face of a….

paige: a jack ‘o lantern. a scarecrow. a baby.

todd: no, more general than that.

paige: a guy.

todd: okay, so the face of a man…then, the face of an…

paige: EAGLE!

todd: then the face of a…

paige: …dog?

todd: an ox. And last, the face of a…

paige: dinosaur?

todd: LION!

so, there you have it folks. the pumpkin that ezekiel saw in his visions: a pumpkin with the face of a man, the face of an eagle, the face of a dog, and the face of a dinosaur.

(i carved the monopoly guy.)

paige: you’re always so creative in coming up with ideas for pumpkin carvings!

todd: I only did this because I couldn’t think of how to do octomom.


whenjeskasparks said...

bahah. i laughed so hard at this that i had to read it aloud to my roommate.
she liked it :D

happy birthday, triceratodd!
i miss you boths so very much.
(and them babies.)

lauren said...

love these pumpkins!