on a side note

every time i look at the left side of my blog page and see where it says, "a few more friendly faces," i always think it says "a few more friendly feces." 

and with two kids in diapers, it's not that i don't have my share of friendly feces to deal with every day, but it's not really the idea i'm trying to get any suggestions for a new title?  the only stipulation is that it should not have anything to do with excrement.

(ironically, the name of the same list used to be "crap we like.")

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apotratz said...

Thanks for the info about ACV! I will most likely give it a try after the baby comes (doesn't seem like the best experiment to try at 8 months pregnant)! I am feeling pretty good...just trying to get ready for a baby and preparing for birth! Also trying to figure out child care and a new job for me. I am looking into being a part time or full time nanny so I can stay home. If you know of anyone who is looking for one then please let me know!