it was like an episode of i love lucy.

i love my husband and my husband loves cookies. that is how the whole butter-baking soda fiasco started.  being the grade-A, high-quality wife that i (humbly) am, i decided to make him some.  (and to fool us both into thinking we were doing our bodies any favors by eating them, of course i made them with whole and unbleached flours, raw sugar, free-range eggs and the best chocolate chips money can buy.)

as per my bakery-mentor's instructions, the key to a great cookie is to fully melt the butter, mix it all up, then refrigerate until FULLY cooled.  so i did as i have many times before: stuck the butter in the microwave to liquify.  not thinking, i pulled out the bowl with my bare hands...and dropped the thing almost instantaneously.  it was so. hot. 

it spilled all over my stove top, all over my clothing, all over the floor and, worst, onto atticus' head.

apparently there IS use crying over spilled butter, which he did (no blaming him), although he wasn't burned; more scared than anything, i think.  once i calmed him, i stripped off my shirt and jeans and dumped baking soda onto the butter on my clothes, hoping the fat hadn't soaked in too badly and that i could salvage them.  i set them on the table and proceeded to clean up the stove and floor.  i turned back to grab my clothes to throw them in the washer...and dumped the baking soda everywhere.

it got stuck in the butter.

so i went to grab the mop, tracking oily baking soda dust across the carpet as i went, only to remember that i recently threw away the mop head a while back and hadn't yet replaced it.

so instead i grabbed a bucket and a couple of old sponges and mixed up some of my FAVORITE cleaner (seriously, this would be what they cleaned heaven with if heaven ever got dirty): a bunch of water, a glug of white vinegar, and some dishsoap added toward the end (so it doesn't get too sudsy).  i set atticus down to play in the water as i scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees.  while i had my back turned to him, he dumped about half the bucket on the carpet.

suddenly, there was a knock on the door.  still in my underwear, i looked through the peephole to see dani, who i had forgotten was coming over.  i had her wait in the hall while i threw on a robe - meanwhile, atticus slipped in the water and got a goose-egg on his head.

so dani came in, i put atticus in the bath, i threw on some real clothes....and all this happened over the course of about 20 minutes.  such is my life.

and, in case you were wondering, my clothes were ruined.  considering the jeans were hand-me-downs from a friend and the shirt cost 25 cents at a garage sale, i'm only out a quarter, but still. i don't have the ambition to dig around in the change cup at casey's for the cash for another outfit.

and also in case you were wondering, the cookies turned out to be DELICIOUS.  buy me some new jeans and i might consider making some for you.

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Ted n' Tiff said...

Oh my, oh my! Hahahaha! I am sure it was like an episode of I Love Lucy! At least you ended up with good cookies and not ones that were burnt! Hope you are all doing ok with that crazy flooding you had.