guess what i've been up to?

hey all. it's atticus "the toddler" v.v. i would call myself "the todd" for effect, but that might get a little confusing.

anyway, i've pretty much been absorbing all the information that exists. or has existed. or will exist. get this: i can say over 20 words and counting. (well, i'm not the one counting...i guess i haven't mastered all the information that exists...note to self: learn how to count.) don't believe me? that's just the jealousy talking. get ready for this...

"belly button,"
"poop pants,"
"no, no"
"thank you,"
"choo choo,"
"brown bear,"
"uh oh,"
"uh huh,"
"excuse me,"
and more (and literally, "more"), but you're you're not privileged to that information. (granted, i have to have an interpreter - i.e., mommy or daddy - for anyone else to understand what i'm saying, but still.)

i LOVE animals and can say, "woof," "meow," "baa baa," "neigh," "whoo whoo," "rrrrr" (that's a lion) and make an elephant noise. i have been known to say, "woof, woof, puppy" over and over. and over. and over. it's a thrill ride, it really is.

i also communicate with gestures, like waving; making gestures for birds, crabs, and fish; signing thank you, please, all done, and more; signaling i want to be tickled; hugging and kissing my baby sister; and...the ever classic mommy-slap any time i'm unhappy with her decision making. word to the wise: feed me whenever i tell you to or watch your back.

i love bath time, my nuk, my lion pal, and my books. my favorite books are 'brown bear, brown bear,' 'the very busy spider,' 'the belly button book,' 'moo, baa, lalala,' 'blue hat, green hat,' and 'biscuit visits the pumpkin patch.' oh yes, and 'goodnight gorilla.' i don't think i could live without having that book read to me about 20 times an hour.

i love climbing onto the kitchen chairs and the couch. i like pretending to do pushups like daddy does. i love all things with wheels and love balls. i LOVE being outside, even though we can't go far since we usually just play on the patch of grass by our apartment while penelope is sleeping.

i love helping mom to take care of penelope - let's face it, she's in pretty sorry shape and needs my expertise. i also love helping mom to vacuum, take out the trash, and eat all the cookies.

i do NOT like coming inside after playing in the 'yard' (or really, the 'patch'), sitting on my bottom while on the couch or chairs, not being read to, and not being treated like the adult that i am.

at my 18 month appointment i weighed just under 23.5 pounds (23rd percentile), was 33.5 inches tall (85th percentile), and played in the biohazard bin.

okay, well, anymore information and people magazine won't have any motivation to pay me for an interview. so i'm going to clap my trap, go grab my nuk and lay down for some beauty sleep - i'm outtie. (so is my belly button - yes, you're seeing that picture correctly.)

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whenjeskasparks said...

super excited that poop pants made the list. jus' sayin'.

also, the internship is going AWESOME.
i love love love love it. i'll have to call you and update you sometime, or you can read it here

also, the wood-knot/boil picture was something i created with you in mind. i missed you so much when i made it that i started to cry.

love you :)