psychoanalyze this.

i've heard it's common for preggos to have weird dreams about their babies/labor/whatever before the actual birth. i haven't really had too much difficulty with this during either pregnancy.

with atticus, i had one dream in which he was born with all of his teeth, and then my grandma kidnapped him from us because we didn't vote for obama in the last election, making us unfit parents.

last night i had a dream that penelope was born. todd and i sat adoring her on the hospital bed, talking about how well labor went and about how impressed people will be when they see how many tomatoes i had to push out before she came...apparently in dreamland, it's normative to birth PILES of tomatoes before you actually have the baby. and the more tomatoes, the better. luckily for us, our hospital room was pretty much a ball pit of tomatoes. they were rolling onto the bed and out the door.
any freud fans out there who want to interpret this for me? i'm thinking that, since i seemed to be happy about all the tomatoes, it seemed to be a pretty successful labor in the my subconscious seems to be thinking pretty pink and blue thoughts about pushing out a kid. good to know.


Danielle said...

best. dream. ever.

i think your dream is way more awesome than the twilight inspired dream i had. remember?

"turns out he didn't have any friends so i invited him over to my glass house for jenga and pizza."

Ted n' Tiff said...

seems like a pretty good indicator to us haha