i broke down and it was AWESOME.


i never *had* to get maternity pants last time (though i probably should have), i just made my belly band work with my normal pants, but now looking toward getting bigger again...i broke down. i was DREADING that stupid belly band, so i decided on cyber monday that since old navy was having 20% off and free shipping, i could splurge on a pair of maternity pants!

(plus, since we're hoping to be blessed with 5-6 kids, i'm sure they'll be worth the 26 bucks in the long run.)

i also got a couple cami's for layering - you know, basics. I AM SO EXCITED TO GET MY STUFF IN THE MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not that i can wear it yet, but eventually.)

it makes sense - when you gain 20 pounds in a single spot, your normal clothes shouldn't fit - you should get clothing that is made to fit you. i was just too proud. but i have come to my senses and am embracing the opportunity to get some new clothes!

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The Grout Family said...

i totally know what you mean!! i broke down and bought a few pairs (on sale) since i'm carrying so low!! BTW - if you get over to Grimes, I highly recommend checking out Turtle Hut. It's over by the mcdonald's. it's like duckworth wearing, only they have more of a selection. I bought a pair of secret belly pants for $8!