unrelated to the rest of this post, but my favorite thing lately: atticus has gotten super cuddly in his old age. and also, that is a creepy picture above.

atticus is officially off formula and completely on table foods and whole milk! i have to admit, it's quite a bit more work on the front end, since now i have to menu plan for (and prepare) breakfasts and lunches in addition to dinners. but i'm really excited about it!

in other food news, i'm trying something new this year: making thanksgiving ahead of time. i made the pumpkin pie on monday. i got this idea for cooking the turkey, so the turkey and gravy were made yesterday, and today i'll be making the mashed potatoes, the cheesecake, the homemade cinnamon rolls (for thanksgiving breakfast...yum!), and prepping the stuffing. then tomorrow all i'll have to do is heat this stuff up, put together the green bean casserole and bake the rolls, and voila! easiest. thanksgiving. ever.

(oh, and ew. i cut up the bread and set it out on the counter to dry out YESTERDAY MORNING. this morning, it was still as soft as it was yesterday. which means it doesn't have the natural qualities of real bread, and it's kind of grossing me out. so even though i can get a loaf of sara lee bread for 99 cents at the outlet [yes, you read that right, it's amazing] i'm just not sure i'm all that excited about it anymore and might go back to making my own. yuck.)

although, my fridge is pretty much bursting at the seams. as is my the good intentions i had of making turkey broth might not happen since i have nowhere to put it once it's made. we'll see.

well, i think the potatoes are done cooking so i'm off to mash.
**EDIT: um, unforeseen consequence of making things in advance: ENTIRELY too much taste-testing. as in, i want to make a turkey sandwich. with a side of mashed potatoes. right now.

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sarah said...

Sounds fantastic! way to go being prepared!! On another note... can you tell me how you weened Atticus off formula?? Roman is slightly dependent on his bottle, and i'm not quite sure the route to go about breaking that! :) happy thanksgiving!!