so little time!

oh my word, atticus has been keeping me on my toes! lots of stuff happening...

..he is army-crawling EVERYWHERE, and thisclose to figuring out how to (for-real)crawl.

..he has another tooth and is working on a fourth.

..he needs YET ANOTHER haircut (his fourth).

..he can get up to sitting from laying down, which means going down for a nap has been much more like playtime than napping lately.

..speaking of naptime, we've cut out his evening nap, so he's taking two two-hour naps per day.

..he's eating lots of actual foods - fruit and oatmeal for breakfast, and a fruit/veggie meal once or twice a day. he's not super interested in them, though. we've also done noodles, biter biscuits, and saltines.

..he's figured out how to hit stuff with other stuff, how to crawl over to the drapes, how to play with the noisy whirligig behind the bedroom door, how to pull up to standing against the couch, how to cruise around the furniture, how to click his bottom teeth against his top tooth, how to spray peas EVERYWHERE (because spitting them out just isn't 'pyrotechnic' enough), how to shake his head 'no' when he doesn't want to eat something, how to wrinkle his nose when he grins, how to cry for attention (seriously, it did take him this long, but he's got it down to a science now), how to reach out his arms when he wants to be held...and on and on.

i would type more, but he's up from his nap. got to go-go-go!


Mrs. Alsbury said...

don't forget to teach him how to hang out with my mom! : )

my mom told me she talked to you! i'm just reminding you to take her up on it!

love you! and i'll miss you this week!

whenjeskasparks said...

i miss you.
i miss you.
i miss you.
i miss you.
i miss you.
i miss you.
i miss you.
i miss you.
i miss you.
i miss you.

(i love you even more.)
i need to call you soon, i promise i will!!!!! (you know i'm serious when i use multiple !'s. you know my deep hatred for exaggerated overuse.)

sarah said...


gmak said...

LOVE that boy!!

Ted n' Tiff said...

I love reading about his latest accomplishments! He is growing fast and I am amazed that he needs his 4th haircut, wow!