my mommy

my mommy loves me.

she is patient when i cry.
she is loving when i fall.
she is encouraging when i try.
she loves Jesus more than all.

she is there when i am sick.
she is there when i'm asleep.
she applauds all of my tricks.
she resists pinching my cheeks. (at times)

she is loving to my daddy.
she is always happy when he's home.
but more than that
she is most happy
finding faith in Christ alone.

so i'm not the greatest poet.
i'm also 7 months old.
what were you doing when you were 7 months old?



The Grout Family said...

adorable! :D

gmak said...

I think it really AWESOME that your daddy helps you to reach the computer! Atticus, you are one lucky boy!

Ted n' Tiff said...

yeah we still want to come out, we're little scared by the drive after our 8 hour drive (half of what the Iowa drive would be) to obx though. we'll figure something out! tell Atticus nice poem, Seth is 15 months and he's not nearly as articulate :)