*looking sheepish*

the plan i made...two weeks ago...about blogging more often...


didn't happen.

a lot has been happening around here lately, though. spring cleaning had been at a stand-still for some time because i had spring cleaned from one side of the house to the other, meaning the last part of the house ended up with all the junk in it and no place to put it all. (actually, the real reason spring cleaning had...paused...was because i was unmotivated to find a temporary spot for all the stuff.)

you see, we were planning on getting a garage in august, so the stuff just needed a temporary resting place until it could be moved out of the house and into the garage. but i was having such a hard time living amidst all the chaos. i'm a person who can live with clutter, as long as at the end of the day the clutter has a home to go to - meaning, when stuff is put away, the house isn't cluttery. the problem was that everything was in its place, but it was still ridiculously cluttery. i was going nutso.

so todd called me from work on friday to tell me he had gotten me a father's day present. (yes, i said the same thing: father's day? i'm a mom.) he said his father's day gift was being able to give me a gift (isn't my husband awesome?!) and that we could move into our garage on monday!!! so i spent monday moving stuff out there, and on tuesday todd picked up some pallets to put on the floor under our stuff to protect it from water and cold floors and whatnot. i also put all of the stuff we'll be donating to our connection group garage sale in there, instead of packing it into the back of the van and hauling it all around until july. (yes, we are THAT white trash.)

i also spent tuesday cleaning out our hall closet. what's left? the laundry room. that's it. then spring cleaning is finally OVER, and only about two months after it began. not too bad.

i also painted our bathroom. when we moved in, all our walls were bare, white, and all around unfriendly. so we painted our living room and kitchen a buttery yellow, our master bathroom a pale green, and the bedrooms a taupe-y/tan-y/grey. but the guest bathroom stayed white. and somewhat cluttered. and all around unfriendly.

enter: my dear friend megan, whose husband is a house painter. meaning, they have a lot of unused paint from old jobs. so we went shopping in their basement and found an AWESOME grey.

granted, i had a fever and a massive headcold, but i was bound and determined to finish the bathroom walls, and i'm so glad i did.

so...long blog short. our house has been turned topsy-turvy, turned right-side-up again, and is all-in-all a nice, happy place to be.


Ted n' Tiff said...

Sounds like you've been very busy!!And yes you have an AWESOME husband to get you a Father's Day gift! Hahaha!

WendyPierce said...

Wait - where do you live now?