father's day

the weekend before last, we went down to my parents' to celebrate father's day. saturday night, we had a barbecue and atticus got to spend some quality time with his aunt lauren, grandma karen, and grandpa doug.

then sunday morning, i got to see my high school friend alisha, who lives in south carolina but was back in mp to visit her mom. those are her twins, isaac and liam.

(atticus enjoyed wearing isaac's hat)

then in the afternoon, we headed to my grandparents' to see them as well as my dad and his wife.

four generations on father's fun!

playing the piano with his grandpa...

what a fun weekend!


lauren said...

I didn't know this was here. I love looking at pictures of him. I keep having dreams about him speaking. Though my in my latest dream he's saying more baby-ish things. In one he was saying "mommy mommy mommy mommy!" and you were like, "those are just baby noises, not real words."

whenjeskasparks said...

relay to todd:

also, you should read all the comments on my blog saying how smart and lovely you are. it's pretty fantastic. (and true.)

i love you!!