personal question...s

exhale, junior. i'm not going to be asking personal questions about you. (unless you want me to, in which case, what's the most awkward thing a doctor has ever said to you?)

no, i've been asking personal questions of myself- especially after reading laura's blog about not necessarily being a proverbs 31 woman, and some other girl's blog about setting the atmosphere in her home.

so, i came up with a list of questions to ask myself - and to charge myself with answering brutally honestly.

after asking todd how i can serve him better, i decided to start with a question directly related to his answer:

.how will i become more organized?

.how will i *deliberately* set a more positive tone in our home?

.in what ways do i want to/should i become more disciplined...and how will i do that?

.what can i be doing right now to deliberately share my faith with atticus?

.who in my life needs to hear the gospel and how will i tell them?

.what in my life is excessive/ will i cut out/give up/get rid of these things?

.what is my life lacking and how will i add these things?

.in what areas does my life or character need improvement or even a major overhaul? how will i do this?

.how can i use our home and my giftings to serve other?

.how will i nurture my friends' and family's gifts?

.spiritually, what needs pruning, grafting, or fertilizing?

.what is one new skill i'd like to develop? what are the steps needed to learn this skill?

.what is something (profound or minute) i'd like to become an expert on and how will i do that?

.how do i define/what do i envision to be "strong faith"? how will i rely upon god to get me to this place?

.who is someone i would like to become more like? what about them is worth imitating? how will i learn from them?

.who would i like to be mentored by, and what would i like to learn?

.if god would bring someone into my life to mentor, what would i like to impart?

.what will i read about and what will i read?

.how can i become more helpful for todd? how can i be the best wife for my husband?

.how can i serve atticus better?

.what will be my ministry outside of our family? how will i reach out to the body of believers?

...and any other miscellaneous insights i may happen to stumble upon.

i have some thinking to do.

and, by the way, the most awkward thing our pediatrician has said to me so far was, "you're doing a really great job of taking care of his penis and testicles!!" (in case you wanted to know.)


Danielle said...

ha! love the awkward question.

mine was: "are you SURE you're not sexually active?"
Um...pretty sure i would know...

Lauren said...

I love these questions and am going to steal them and think some too...

Team Dewhurst said...

Great list! The mentoring ones are convicting to me. Bryan added to my list that I should also seek out a mentor. If you have any insight on how one does that and where they look... do share :-)

WendyPierce said...

What is a home management note book, where do I get one? I saw your comment on Laura's blog about having one!

paige said...

thought of another question: how will i intentionally bring more beauty into our house?

this one has been on my mind a lot lately.