chez van voorst

after a week and a half of not taking any nighttime feedings, we've gone back to a single middle-of-the-night feeding. he definitely was not ready for going that long without eating.

other than that, life has been peachy at villa van voorst. the weather is beautiful, garage sales are a-hopping, and atticus is so cute. what could be better?

here's what's been going on at our chateau:

..atticus has learned how to put his own pacifier in. a major milestone.

..he decided he likes bananas, just not the ones from the jar (i don't blame him) friend tara and i have planted her garden and are eagerly awaiting our homegrown nummies.

..i have been reading avidly, and have devoured about 15 gardening books, many free magazines from the library, and am currently reading "tales from the teacher's lounge" (which is mediocre at best; i may not finish it) and "love and respect."

..i've been working on memorizing galations with lisagrace

..atticus was dedicated on saturday night. both todd's parents and mine were able to be there to celebrate with us.

..atticus has started doing this thing where he punches himself in the head over and over, followed by pulling violently on his ears, then scratching the side of his head.

..he has also discovered his fascinating, fascinating hands.

..he bit me so hard the other night with his tiny sharp teeth that i bled.

..he continues to babble nonstop. it's like he was spawned from talkative parents or something.

..his hair is getting blonder and blonder, and his body is filling out.

..he continues to be the absolute cutest kid on the face of the earth. no offense, other mommas.

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