not me monday

so, i'm following suit. shaina and anastasia both do "not me mondays," which was created by mckmama (head to her blog to see what others are NOT doing on monday). i figured i'd get in on the fun.

i did NOT eat a peanut butter whole wheat bagel for breakfast this morning to try and compensate for the microwave popcorn i ate for breakfast yesterday.

i did NOT find myself saying (multiple times this week), "do not kick mama in the boobs."

i did NOT unashamedly answer the door to the carpet guy without having brushed my teeth, or talk to the dishwasher guy while in my bathrobe.

i did NOT make mistakes at nearly every store i shopped at this weekend, causing me (or, really, todd) to have to go back and fix them and pretty much making two weeks' worth of trips to the store. if i did, i would've felt really stupid.

i did NOT make weird, uncontrollable, "i-just-had-a-baby-9-weeks-ago" noises throughout yoga on thursday, and even if i did, i was NOT embarrassed in the least. i did NOT pretend i didn't hear anything. i did NOT pretend it was the girl next to me.

i did NOT have a substitute yoga instructor who spoke with a british accent and said things like, "stretch! and stretchy stretch! and stretch a little more!" and "while in bridge pose, you should be able to balance a cup of tea on your tummy." ah, the brits. they are NOT weird.

i did NOT starting using diaper cream on atticus just this week, after realizing that perhaps baby bottoms aren't typically that red.

i did NOT seriously covet my son's lullaby machine, or take a nap in the same room with him this morning, falling asleep to the soothing sounds of nature. ahhh....


Danielle said...

ha! I seriously love you Paige!

Team Dewhurst said...

Oh man, can totally relate to the boob kicking. I can even remember when Maddy finally stopped... I think it was the exacty same day Max started...I used to see boob jobs as a negative thing...:-)